November 1st, 2011


[NEWS] 2nd Single - We Never Give Up!

Okay after some initial confusion, it's OFFICIAL now. The official Kis-My-Ft2 website was updated a few minutes ago with the detailed release information and the information at the shop went up even before that. Furthermore, Lawson/Hot Station also updated their website seeing that the song is a tie in for their new CM. Kis-My-Ft2's 2nd Single will be called: "We Never Give Up!" and will be released on December 14, 2011.

There will be 3 different "regular" versions of the single:

Limited A (CD + DVD) - 1680 Yen
DVD: Music Video + Offshots/Making-Of

Limited B (CD + DVD) - 1680 Yen
DVD: Tokyo Dome Concert Footage

Regular (CD Only) - 1050 Yen
The regular version will include an additional song, as usual

Details will follow. I will keep everyone updated.

[EDIT 1:] There are special Kisumai Shop only and Lawson/HMV special versions of the CDs that include special extras. The regular ones come with a sticker, the special ones with a photo booklet (CD jacket size) and poster as well as a "Kisumai Magazine" (A4 size) and special comments by the boys(?).

Regular Version: Kisumai Special Sticker

Kisumai Shop Only Version: 24 page photo book (CD jacket size) + B2 size promotion poster

Lawson/HMV Special Version: Kisumai Magazine (A4 Size) + Kisumai Special Comment

Source: The Official Kisumai Shop (AVEX), Official Website (Kisumai), Official Lawson Website