March 5th, 2013

  • jinzhi

Kitayama is confirmed to act as an english teacher in the drama "Kasuka-na Kanojo"

(I think i didn't see anyone posted up this late news here), think it was offically announced last month that kitayama is acting as an english teacher with smap sempai, Katori shingo in the drama "Kasuka-na Kanojo" ( 幽かな彼女), which is starting on April 9th on every Tuesday 10pm, KTV/Fuji TV.
source:, info from baidu and facebook

The Drama revolves around a calm math teacher Akira (portrayed by Katori Shingo), who has extrasensory perception and a ghost (portrayed by Watanabe An) who resides in an apartment where Akira lives, and depicts the combi solving isses that trouble junior high school students such as bullying. - info from: akb48wrapup

one of the pics from tvlife, source: twitter