May 7th, 2013

亀藤 ♥ 誘惑

Kis-My-Ft2 - Duet October and December 2011

Two translations.

Duet October 2011. Each member answers questions related to their heart beating faster or skipping a beat. It's not just about romance but when they feel excited, scared, filled with anticipation...all sorts of "doki doki".

( Everyone wanted to debut. But there’s this feeling of we can’t say something like that too much ourselves )

Duet December 2011. Each member answers a set of various questions, all related to "now" in some way such as how their room is like now, what they are feeling and thinking now, what they want, and such.

( When I was in junior high, I didn’t want to grow taller, so with a 'Don’t grow bigger!', I put my head against the wall and pressed with all my might (laughs). )