May 17th, 2013

Tamamori Yuta new Drama based on Kabuki Manga

this is my first time posting here, so please correct me if I am wrong, and I'm not very good at translating.

Tamamori Yuta along with Nakyanma Yuma, Lewis Jesse, and Johnnys' Junior Matsumura Hokuto is staring in a new drama based on the manga "Pin to Kona"

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Info from Anime News Network
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Me so excited! I always found Kabuki to be interesting! and I love this manga! <3 so Tamamori Yuta and Kabuki is a win win for me! XD ^^
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Kisulog - Tamamori and Miyata, 05/17

As you might know, now each member is going to post on Kisulog once a week, instead of once in seven weeks! Wheee! \o/

(Kisulog: Tamamori Yuta - 05/17)

(Kisulog: Miyata Toshiya - 05/17)


Unrelated but it's the 18th in Japan, so today is the opening day of "Kifushamu Land's Adventures"! Footage from the press conference and open rehearsals will be shown in a few hours on morning shows so we will also finally get to see the prince outfit *__*
Break a leg, Miyata-zachou ♥