July 24th, 2013

Myojo 10000 character interviews to Miyata and Tamamori updated

Back when they were first published on Myojo I'd translated the 10000 characters long interviews to Miyata and Tamamori. Now all the Kisumai interviews have been compiled into a book, "Hadaka no jidai", including new bits that were edited out of the Myojo version.
I've updated my old translation with the new bits:

Miyata Toshiya

Tamamori Yuta

Kitayama's TV Guide Person interview

I translated this ages ago and kept putting off crossposting because I was waiting for ... idk, something else to post it with lol. But ~something else~ is clearly not happening, so here:

TVGuide Person vol.5 "北山宏光 Cool or Not Cool?"
In which Kitayama talks about his role in Kasuka na Kanojo, his views towards his own acting, and being an "uncool" persona in general.