August 6th, 2013

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[News] Fujigaya in anan's Sex Issue

Every year, during the first week of August, anan releases their special sex issue. In the past, several Johnnys have done full nude shoots for them such as Kimura Takuya, Matsumoto Jun, and Yamashita Tomohisa.

For this year's issue, the model will be...Fujigaya Taisuke.

The issue will come out on Friday, August 9th.

Other than the full nude shoot, Taisuke will also be talking about his views on sex. From the newspaper article, it seems like he accepted the offer enthusiastically, saying he definitely wanted to do it. He went on a diet, paying attention to calories and lost 4kg in preparation for the photoshoot.

Source: Daily Sports (preview - NSFW)