September 30th, 2013

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[Schedule] Kis-My-Ft2 - October 2013

Schedule - Kis-My-Ft2 - October 2013
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A reminder that Fujigaya has now graduated from Hyakushikiou and will not be appearing in the show when it resumes airing on 10/15. KisuHama Learning will also be moving on to being KisuHama Learning 3 in the upcoming episode.

Also, I didn't get a chance to post in a separate post, but Miyata will be appearing in the special drama Yo ni mo Kimyou na Monogatari, to be aired 10/12.

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[News] Kitayama's Solo Radio Show

Starting 10/4, Kitayama will have his own solo radio show. It is called KisuMai Kitayama Hiromitsu Nanikin and will be aired on Nippon Housou at 19:40 every Friday for 10 minutes. It is his first time being a solo radio personality. You can send messages to the show at the email address

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