September 5th, 2015

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[News] KisuMai's New Single Title Confirmed + Others

Sorry about the lateness of the news, but I'm making a post so that the information is here on the community as well.

Previously, it was announced that KisuMai will release two singles in a row and the song for the November single was revealed, but now, we have information about the October release as well!

The lead song for the October single is AAO, written by Naoto Inti Raymi. Some of you may remember him being a talk guest on Kitayama's J'J show (backpacking across India), or playing futsal on Nakai's team in his year-end sports variety show. It will be released on October 14th.

The details for the editions are the following.

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A new campaign for Nuku Nuku Touban (kairo/disposable heating pads) has started and KisuMai continue to endorse them, so we'll probably get a new CM and a song for it soon. Maybe the song will be released as a B-side in one of the upcoming singles.

This information came a month ago officially from the agency, and we had information about it even earlier, but Nobunaga Concerto is getting a movie sequel and Fujigaya is confirmed to be appearing in it. THe movie will be released on screens on January 23rd. About three days ago, we saw previews of the movie as well. Fujigaya was shown in the footage.

A starting date for Tamamori's drama has also been confirmed to be October 15th. The first preview has been released as well.

A new preview is also available for Tamamori's movie, which you can watch on the official website. The theme song, KisuMai's Saigo no Yappari Kimi can be heard playing, and you can also hear a bit of Tamamori's kansai-ben as well.