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[Fan/Fic] Happy Birthday Tai-chan! (HiroSuke)


well...it's 25th june today

and it's already 01:40 in japan and 00:40 here in malaysia and i know that i'm late in wishing Tai-chan's happy birthday

(not that late though)
so this is what i wanna shout out:-

HAPPY 21st Birthday

and here's my Tai-chan's birthday project
i dunno whether it's any good or not
coz i only spend like about 3 to 4 hrs for this 6th fic of mine
(gotta catch the deadline *chuckles*)
but i still hope that Tai-chan's fan will enjoy this
and my 5th fic is otw...have got no time to finish it up
dakara...dozo! ^^

Author: honeyshikido

Title: Happy Birthday Tai-chan!

Rating: G

Johnny’s Casts: Taisuke Fujigaya, Hiromitsu Kitayama, & other Kis-My-Ft2 members

Summary: Feeling a little dizzy, Fujigaya slowly open his eyes. He looked around and saw 4 men wearing face mask…a rather scary one…were standing around him. Trying to get up from where he was sitting, Fujigaya found that he was tied onto the chair and that he can’t even move a muscle. Fujigaya started to panic.

“I don’t care! I don’t give a damn about it! Just do whatever you want and GET OUT OF MY FACE!” Kitayama stomped out of the Kis-My-Ft2 dressing room, leaving Fujigaya dumbstruck.


Fujigaya’s heart clenching badly and he slumped down to the floor as Kitayama went out of the room and slamming the door hard. He was trying his best to not to let the slightest  tear to drop down but it was impossible when the person you love left you alone especially during a special holiday just like the one Kis-My-Ft2 members were given. It was a month holiday which was impossible for Johnny-san to give…and it was really a miracle.


The once filled with laughter and happy voices room was now in silence mod.  The rest of the Kis-My-Ft2 members knew how their leader could go ugly when he was mad but never in their mind to see Kitayama shouting at his loved one and left him just like that.


Yokoo went towards Fujigaya and knelt down…wrapping an arm around the other’s shoulder.


“Tai-chan…daijobu ka?”


“Taru~!” Fujigaya hugged Yokoo tightly and started to sob on the other’s chest, wetting Yokoo’s freshly wore t-shirt.


Yokoo sighed and hugged the other back with a hand softly stroking Fujigaya’s hair, trying to comfort him. “Just let it all out na…it’s ok. Everything’s going to be fine.” Yokoo whispered.


Nikaido who was standing just beside Senga whispered…almost to himself, “Such a cry baby.” Unfortunately he was heard by Senga and received a pinch right on his stomach causing him to yelp.


*                      *                      *


It had been 3 weeks since Kis-My-Ft2 members were given a month rest from their super hectic life, which means…3 weeks of Fujigaya’s life without Kitayama. He really missed the other badly but he didn’t have the courage to call Kitayama or visit him at his house.


Sitting on a couch in his room, Fujigaya sighed heavily. Looking around, he realized for the first time that his room was a total disaster. Clothes pilling up here and there, a few pairs of his skates was in front of his opened cupboard (he owned 9 pairs all together), and books everywhere…Fujigaya had recently found a new interest since he had nothing else better to do…books!


Fujigaya sighed again and pushed down to the floor all of the stuff that scattered on his couch and laid down. He took out his cell phone from his jeans pocket and flipped it open. His fingers dancing fragilely on the button as it scrolled down the phone book.




Found it! Shall I call him? Shall I not call him? He has not picked up any of my phone calls since the holiday started.


For a moment, Fujigaya stared blankly at the name HIRO KITTY-YAMA in his cell phone. As he was about to press the dialing button, a message came in.




It was from Yokoo saying that the whole group will be meeting at Shibuya tomorrow to hang out as it had been a long time since they did that together. Fujigaya gave it a thought.


The whole group eh…the whole group plus Hiro…hmm…maybe I should go. Who knows that I’ll get the chance to apologize to Hiro properly this time and be with him together again? I really miss him…


And so Fujigaya replied…





*                      *                      *


Fujigaya woke up early today. He was humming into his favourite tune as get dressed up. He chose his most favourite black jacket with a gold heart shape sewed at the hem of the shirt that Kitayama gave him on his birthday, 2 years ago to go on top of his plain baby blue t-shirt and matched it with a fine pair of blue jeans. He then went over to his accessories’ shelf to get a pair of sun-glasses to go with his outfit today.


Looking at his reflection on the mirror for the last time, he smiled.


“You are looking good Tai-chan.”


And it’ll be a million times better if Hiro’s by my side and not mad at me anymore.


Fujigaya sighed. Took his car keys and off to Shibuya.


*                      *                      *


Opening his car compartment, Fujigaya took out a very cool cap and wore it. Checking his reflection on the rearview mirror, he put on his sun-glasses. Satisfied with his looks, Fujigaya stepped out of the car being unrecognized.


Slowly, he strode lazily into a rather quiet and empty alleyway. He loved to use that passage as it was easier for him to get to his favourite hangout which was situated at the end of the alley without risking on bumping into his fans. Besides, the alley was a short cut.


As he was half way through, someone grabbed him from behind…two of them actually. One covering his mouth with a handkerchief and pushed him…pressing his chest hard onto a wall…twisting both of his hand behind, while the other quickly wrapped Fujigaya’s eyes with a thick black cloth.


Fujigaya was trying his best to free himself when he suddenly felt dizzy from inhaling something that was on the handkerchief. A few seconds later, Fujigaya was lying lifelessly on the alleyway.


*                      *                      *


“Wake up you scumbag!”


Feeling a little dizzy, Fujigaya slowly open his eyes. He looked around and saw 4 men wearing face mask…a rather scary one…were standing around him. Trying to get up from where he was sitting, Fujigaya found that he was tied onto the chair and that he can’t even move a muscle. Fujigaya started to panic.


“Who are you guys?! What do you want from me?!”


“Who are we? Who are we?” the first man started to laugh hysterically and was later joined by the other three.


“What are you laughing at?! Have all of you lost your mind?!” Fujigaya tried to act tough in order to hide his nervousness.


All of the four masked men stop laughing. One of them went over to Fujigaya and kicked hard on the chair which accidentally landed on Fujigaya’s right leg causing him to whimper in pain.


The man lowered his face and brought his mouth nearer to Fujigaya’s right ear. “Mind your words or we’ll get nasty.” And the man licked Fujigaya’s ear before backing away sending shivers down Fujigaya’s spine.


“Don’t you know that not everybody adores you Fu-ji-ga-ya-kun?” this time a different man spoke. The man motioned forward, sits on Fujigaya’s lap and wrapped his arms around Fujigaya’s neck.


Fujigaya who was still a little shocked by the licking activity was now in greater shock when a stranger whom was kidnapping him suddenly sat on his lap and now clinging on his neck.


 Tilting his head, the man on Fujigaya’s lap continued, “You might look kawaii and adorable in somebody else’s eyes but in ours, you are just kawaii-ly annoying…an eyesore. Don’t you realize that?” the man slowly brought his right hand upward and started to caress Fujigaya’s cheek softly before slapping him and went away to join the others causing Fujigaya to cough a little.


A few moments later, one of the men’s cell phone rang. It was the man which had been quiet the hall time. He answered the phone.


“Hai. Hai. Wakatta.”


Finished answering the phone, the man looked at the other three and made a sign with his finger indicating them to move out…and so they did. Leaving Fujigaya alone.


*                      *                      *


Fujigaya didn’t realize that he was holding his breath all this while. He let out his breath and for the first time he was aware with his surroundings. He was tied on a chair at a rooftop of a very tall building as he can see the shimmer of lights bellow indicating towns.


He tried to search for something that he could refer to as clock. He wanted to know what time was it. Stretching his head to look down at the town, Fujigaya saw a clock tower and it was a minute before 12 midnight.


Man…bet kaa-chan is worried sick! Damn I those four fucking jerks!


Fujigaya suddenly froze as he heard foot steps approaching him from behind. A few more steps and it stopped. Fujigaya gasped as a pair of hand snaking on his body from behind and hug him tightly.




The clock tower sang its song at 12 midnight sharp and together with the first ‘Dong!’, Fujigaya heard a beautiful voice went into his right ear, tickling him.


“Tai-chan…o-tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu.” It was Kitayama’s voice, the voice that he had missed for the past 3 weeks. And suddenly, the fence in front of Fujigaya burnt into flaming words.




Kitayama kissed Fujigaya on the ear and the neck before freeing Fujigaya from the chair. He then helped the other on his legs.


Fujigaya didn’t know what to say. This was the biggest surprised he ever had in his entire life. He looked at Kitayama with teary eyes and hugged him tightly.


“Arigatou Hiropi…Arigatou. I thought you were mad at me…I mean really mad…and I was so sad.” Fujigaya whispered.


“Gomen na Tai-chan. We had this plan for about a month or so. Gomen to have hurt you. I didn’t mean to.” Kitayama pulled away and pressed his lips onto Fujigaya’s and they stayed like that for a moment and their kisses started to get passionate that they didn’t realize 5 men were approaching.


“Uhm! Uhm!” Yokoo cleared his throat.


Haring Yokoo’s voice, Kitayama and Fujigaya parted away. If only there were enough lights, Fujigaya’s blushing face will be clearly shown.


Behind Fujigaya were the 4 men that had kidnapped Fujigaya earlier. They were pushing a cart filled with a super delicious and beautiful cake which was written with ‘Happy 21st Birthday Tai-chan’.


The 4 men opened up their masked and they were Nikaido, Senga, Miyata and Tamamori, Fujigaya’s colleagues. After setting the cart to where it was supposed to be, the 4 of them lined up in front of Fujigaya and bowed deeply.


“We are really sorry to have hurt you. Gomeanasai Fujigaya-kun!”


Fujigaya just looked at them and smiled warmly.


“Daijobu yo~”


The 4 of them rose up their heads and wish Fujigaya a very happy birthday.


“Na Tai-chan…it’s time for you to make a wish. Lets make it quick as I’m really hungry ne.” Yokoo winked.


Fujigaya stepped up to the cart where his cake was situated…with Kitayama right beside him…holding hands tightly as if afraid that they might get separated again.


What else will I wish for other than to be with my beloved Hiropi forever?


Looking at Kitayama for the last time before closing his eyes, fixing Kitayama’s image in his mind…Fujigaya blew the candles without hesitation.

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