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J-Web 5th Anniversary Kisumai One!

These are the Kis-My-Ft2 jwebs from Takizawa One! that have been posted on jweb as part of the jweb Five Year Anniversary. Here are the first few. I'll try to do the others soon.

A million thanks to enshinge for the awesome translations!

I'd prefer if these weren't re-posted anywhere, but if you must, at least credit enshinge for her translations.

It takes me a LOT of effort to get these onto the computer. It's time-consuming and costs money. And then it takes me hours to code in all the emoji. So please, if you HAVE TO STEAL THEM D: at least acknowledge the work I've put into it.

Note: Spacing may not be accurate, emoji is representative. My phone's emoji are different from the ones here, so I did my best to match.

【Kitayama Hiromitsu】

Hello, this is Kitayama Hiromitsu Photobucket
Recently they've started calling me KitamitsuPhotobucket
And so I've only recently realized that there was a way to shorten it in that way~Photobucket (lol)


I thought you were going to talk about work but it was totally about our private timePhotobucket You say to stop calling in the middle of the night, but I've only called you in the middle of the night a few times, and you were the one who called me everyday in the middle of the night from about a week before the real thing (lol) I thought you were so cute~Photobucket You probably had issues and just couldn't go to sleep all alonePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket So cute~Photobucket I'm always waiting for your phone calls like thatPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket I'll even change my ringtone just for when Taki-san calls (lol) PhotobucketPhotobucket This is rare~Photobucket Usually, with a 120% chance I don't customize my ringtone PhotobucketPhotobucket It's Toguro 100% Photobucket (lol) [T/N Yuyu Hakusho reference] But well I won't give up and I'll keep calling PhotobucketPhotobucket


Please give me a call when that thing is finishedPhotobucket Then I'll hole up at the Takizawa residence for a while Photobucket (lol) It's okay right?PhotobucketPhotobucket Tackey?PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

To HikaruPhotobucket
Please stop teasing adultsPhotobucket

To YabuPhotobucket
You have to act on that promisePhotobucket You're a man rightPhotobucket

To KawaiPhotobucket
Let's go eat when we have timePhotobucket I like how you just go in circlesPhotobucket

To GocchiPhotobucket
You're 21 alreadyPhotobucket We'll both work hardPhotobucket The Surreal Club is everlastingPhotobucket

Your goggles left an impression on mePhotobucket But your body heat made them cloudy you know? Photobucket (lol)

Keiou 2 TOPPhotobucket (lol)Photobucket

To YokooPhotobucket
We should go out some timePhotobucket

To FujigayaPhotobucket
Stop making impossible requests to the kouhaiPhotobucket (lol) They're enjoying itPhotobucket (lol)

To FT2Photobucket
There're lots of things to work on, but we'll work togetherPhotobucket

Tamamori~~~~~~~~~Photobucket I'm begging youPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket You have too little concentration (lol)

To all the fansPhotobucket
Please keep supporting me from now on tooPhotobucket

That's allPhotobucket

This was KittaPhotobucket (lol)

【Senga Kento】


HelloPhotobucket This is SengaPhotobucket This time I've prepared two messages, for Takizawa-kun and the fansPhotobucketPhotobucket

PhotobucketFirstly, for Takizawa-kun

Congratulations on the final showPhotobucketPhotobucket

From my point of view, although this might just be a delusion on my side, I feel as though I've gotten a lot closer to Takizawa-kun during this stageplay.Photobucket (lol)

You will continue to be my aim, so please take care of me from now on too PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Photobucket Dear all the fans, thank you very much for the constant supportPhotobucketPhotobucket

I think there will be lots of occasions for me to show myself from October onwards tooPhotobucket so I'm going to keep working really hard, please continue to support mePhotobucketPhotobucket

【Miyata Toshiya】


This is the miyatta miyatta Miyata PhotobucketPhotobucket

Thank you very much for your comment PhotobucketPhotobucket

You say to come talk to you, but to be honest I don't have the courage to go talk to you... PhotobucketPhotobucket

So I'd appreciate it if you would come and start talking to me PhotobucketPhotobucket

Because Takizawa-kun's always been a dai-sempai ever since I became a Jr. ~ Photobucket

I get nervous just by being near to Takizawa-kun Photobucket lol

This stageplay is really fun PhotobucketPhotobucket

When I'm in it it's fun and when I'm watching from the wings it's fun Photobucket

I'm touched every time PhotobucketPhotobucket

Thank you for being so inspiring all the time Photobucket

〜〜To the fans〜〜

Thank you for the constant supportPhotobucketPhotobucket

I'm still very immature and incomplete, so I'll be working hard, please keep on supporting me Photobucket

Then this will be about it〜〜

This was the miyatta miyatta Miyata Toshiya~ PhotobucketPhotobucket

T/N: Not sure what Miyacchi's miyattta miyatta thing is - I think it's just for fun, but it could be a reference to the "miatta miatta" that the judge says before sumo matches?

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