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J-Web 5th Anniversary Kisumai One!

These are the Kis-My-Ft2 jwebs from Takizawa One! that have been posted on jweb as part of the jweb Five Year Anniversary. Here are the first few. I'll try to do the others soon.

A million thanks to enshinge for the awesome translations!

I'd prefer if these weren't re-posted anywhere, but if you must, at least credit enshinge for her translations.

It takes me a LOT of effort to get these onto the computer. It's time-consuming and costs money. And then it takes me hours to code in all the emoji. So please, if you HAVE TO STEAL THEM D: at least acknowledge the work I've put into it.

Note: Spacing may not be accurate, emoji is representative. My phone's emoji are different from the ones here, so I did my best to match.

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