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Ok maybe some of you might know this already but I'll still be reporting it.

Kis-My-Ft II. will be producing the SC episode this coming December 3 with the theme of "Personality" or "Individuality". Setlist for their medley would be:

- Kis-My-Me-Mine (WTF right? XDDDDDDDD)
- Ready?
- Inori

YAY FOR KISUMAI PRODUCING!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't it exciting? But not quite...because Taipi will be absent AGAIN. Grrr..I'm mad and majorly emo because what's Kisumai without Taipi? It's supposed to be a group produce dorks! XD Anyway, Byakkotai would have to be really good or I'll throw hissy fits and burn down NHK hall. XDDDD

Question...who here lives in Japan or who has a friend who subscribes to Jweb? We all know there are Jweb diaries of debuted groups right? Is there a JWeb voice post? Because according to BBSs, Kisumai actually started voice posts 3 weeks ago. First one was Hiromitsu, last week was Nikaido with his "Nikaido deshita" and this week was Yokoo with inspiring words. I hope we could hear it but too bad we don't have any way.

Last one...chosen jrs are gonna be appearing in a woman's magazine which has the segment title of "treasure of future stars" methinks. Taisuke has a full spread on it and the interviewer was said to be "smitten" by taipi's adult like romantic voice during his Maria solo where he wore the leopard print coat. *dies* He was very hot wearing that thing yo! I predict, well more of hoping, because he missed 2 months of SC that he will be performing Maria next year. I was listening to my Daibouken mp3 and I think it's the only solo not performed on TV.

That's it. Will bring you guys updates if I dig up more. XD
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