seishunlost (seishunlost) wrote in kis_my_ft2,

jdrama_rp - a brand new je role play!

Tokyo. An enormous city with approximately twelve million faces. And a select few had such a lucky fate as to be immersed in the celebirty world. Some live it. Some document it. Some make the impossible possible. Some destory dreams. And of course, Japanese entertainment wouldn't be as special as it is without the television dramas. It's a busy world, working in the studios, preping the actors...even being the actors. With scripts to memorize, costumes to design, scenes to plan, and a constant hunt for juicy details of celebrity life, will anyone really survive unscathed?

claims page - we need just about everything! it's je based but not really limited. can be actors/actresses who have starred with je people. and in any case, it's brand new and so come join! ^_^!
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