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The Broom Closet

I opened up WordPad after looking at shatteredtenshi 's Kis-My-Ft2 - Pairing Pimp Post and somehow ending up with this. I haven't written any sort of fanfiction (that's been put on the internet for others to read) since I was a Narutard, so I may be a bit rusty...! xD

The Broom Closet
Rating: PG-15? (I'm no good at this.)
Pairings: Fujigaya/Taiga (friendship), HiroYoSuke
Summary: Kyomoto Taiga just happens to see something while he's going to visit his favorite senpai.
Notes: This was literally done before I knew it. The idea just sort of dropped out of my brain into my fingers and ended up typed. Actually, it was typed before I knew I had the idea. I'm sorry it suddenly cuts off... >_<

( Casey and Shintaro were never going to believe this. )

I appologize for my fail. >_<
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