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Tamamori/Miyata (Kis-My-Ft2)

Title: Consequences
Pairing: Tamamori/Miyata
Rating/Warnings: R
AN: There is never enough Tamamiya, and today they were just really, really hot. Consider that inspiration. PS - I have no idea what the backstage setup of Summary looks like, so I'm guessing.
Takes place (in my head, because clearly, I have no idea what these boys get up to) at the end of the August 17th Summary.


Tamamori has taken about six steps past the curtain when Miyata grabs his arm and spins him up against the wall. He's not surprised at all when Miyata gives him no chance to protest, slamming their mouths together in a heated kiss. And it is hard to protest with Miyata licking at him like that, his tongue sliding behind Tamamori's teeth in a way that makes his knees weak. He clutches frantically at Miyata's shoulders and pushes. Miyata breaks away with a gasp.


"We- We only have. Twenty minutes until. The buses leave," Tamamori manages, panting raggedly.

Miyata grabs at his waist and slips his hands further up Tamamori's bare torso, pushing him harder against the wall. "And it'll only take you five," he says. "We're fine."

And then he's kissing Tamamori again, pressing up against him, and if Tamamori was already half-hard from watching Miyata on stage, feeling his chest against his own, running his hands across Miyata's sweat-slick back, only makes him harder.

He's forced to let go as Miyata drops to his knees. Tamamori is thankful that they were the last group out this exit, the trailing members of their group easily ignoring the two of them, because there's no way they're stopping now. Miyata ducks under Tamamori's swooshy bits to get at his fly, and then his mouth is hot on Tamamori's cock and fuck five, he'll be lucky to last three.

He can't get a hold on Miyata's head, his costume in the way. So Tamamori settles for clawing at the wall behind him, keening as softly as he can, because the sound will definitely carry, and oh fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. The only reason he doesn't slide down the wall when he comes is Miyata's steadying hands hard on his hips. Miyata tucks him back in place and wiggles his way up Tamamori's body, nips at his neck and presses his hips against Tamamori's side. Tamamori rubs him through his costume to give him some relief, but he can't quite breathe enough to return the favor yet.

"Hold on," he gasps. Miyata hums against his neck, patient and impatient at the same time.

It's another thirty seconds before Tamamori is in control of his lungs again, and then he wastes no time. Miyata's costume is easier, swooshy bits all attached at the sides, and Tamamori has no trouble getting his mouth on Miyata right where Miyata wants him. He sucks hard- they don't have the leisure of waiting any longer. Miyata clutches at Tamamori's head as his hips jerk, and Tamamori swallows around him.

They take one more minute to compose themselves, and then Tamamori grabs Miyata's hand.

"We have to go," he says, tugging Miyata in the right direction. He stumbles as Miyata wraps his arms around Tamamori's waist and kisses the back of his neck.

"They really shouldn't have decided to make us all take off the jackets," Miyata mumbles, and Tamamori laughs. He places his hands on top of Miyata's and leads the way, the two of them matching their steps and managing an awkward gait.

When they push open the curtain to Kis-My-Ft2's section of the costuming area, still attached together, they're greeted by nothing but smiles.

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