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Concert Updates

You've all heard about it, I'm sure. Since the website updated though, I thought I'd provide you all with information from an actual official source.

First, we all know, ABC and Kis-My-Ft2 First Concert now has 5 shows.

There's no PlayGuide information, so I'm assuming there was an overwhelming of ballots coming in, and they're waiting to organize everything before deciding if there's a need to put up the rest of the tickets on PlayGuide.

Two, they'll have a second round of additional concerts on November 8 and 9 in Yoyogi Stadium, whatever the official English name for it is. The only difference? It's not with A.B.C. It's with A.B.C.-Z (equalling to ABC + Hashimoto Ryosuke).

Ha, at least I don't have to go and watch ABC-Z then, and it'll still be 11 boys for the October shows.

...I wonder if there'll be new goods for the November shows though. ...Damn.
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