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Fic, Nikaido/Senga (NC-17)

Title: You Asked For It
Pairing: 2x1000, aka Nikaido/Senga
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for Nikaido not playing nice
AN: Thanks to timeripple for the beta.

You Asked For It

When Senga enters the dressing room after Butoukan's practice, he's surprised to find Nikaido waiting for him. Kis-My-Ft2 was done hours ago.

"Hey, Nika..." Senga trails off as he gets a closer look at Nikaido's face.

"Ne, Senga," Nikaido says, his voice silky and low. Senga immediately tries to remember what he might have done wrong. "What's this I hear about you kissing Hamanaka?"


"He kissed me," Senga protests, not that he really believes it will help. It doesn't.

"And you let him," Nikaido replies, his eyes flashing. He rises from the couch and advances on Senga. Senga thinks now would be a good time to start running, but he can't get his feet to move.

"It was just a joke," he says. Nikaido grabs his wrist and Senga shivers under his glare.

"You're mine," Nikaido growls, and Senga knows he's in trouble.

He lets Nikaido back him into the door and isn't surprised to hear the click of the lock when Nikaido reaches around behind him.

"You know, Senga," Nikaido says quietly, speaking against Senga's ear. "Ever since we decided to be together, I've never touched anyone but you, not even in jest." He pulls back and looks at Senga directly, deadly serious. "I think you owe me an apology."

It's then that Senga realizes that as angry as Nikaido seems, more than anything, he's hurt. Senga's insides twist with guilt.

"Nika, I'm sorry," he says, and he sincerely is. He searches Nikaido's face, and Nikaido stares blankly back at him. Senga worries that maybe he won't accept it, but then Nikaido says okay and stiffly turns away. Senga grabs his arm before he can make it back to the couch. He knows Nikaido might have accepted the apology, but he's clearly not going to just get over it that easily. He pulls Nikaido close and wraps an arm behind his neck so that he can't escape.

"Nika," Senga starts, "I'm sorry. I really am. I shouldn't have been messing around like that. We were just joking, and it didn't mean anything. But you're right- I shouldn't have done even that." He presses his forehead to Nikaido's and breathes deeply, closing his eyes. "I love you."

It's not how he'd been planning to tell him. When he opens his eyes, Nikaido is blinking at him, looking unsure. Senga pulls back so he can see him clearly. "Please believe me, Nika. I'm not just saying it because-. I mean, I've wanted to tell you for a while. It just... never seemed like the right time."

"And now seemed like the right time?" Nikaido asks, sounding skeptical.

"Not really," Senga answers, and he can't help sounding as miserable as he feels; he's fucking it all up. "But you needed to know."

Nikaido looks like he's considering it, but the way he's biting at his lip tells Senga he's still uncertain. Senga tries not to despair. It wasn't even a real kiss, just stupid games that got slightly carried away. He can't lose Nikaido over something like this. Not something so stupid. So he leans in and presses his lips to Nikaido's, and it's awkward because Nikaido isn't responding, but Senga puts everything he feels into the kiss. His love, his desperation- Nikaido isn't very good at talking about these things anyway. He's always responded more to actions, which, now that Senga thinks about it, is probably why he is so upset in the first place. A careless, playfully accepted kiss from Bunichi probably hit Nikaido hard.

Senga needs to hit him even harder. He presses himself into Nikaido, wrapping both arms around Nikaido's neck and getting a hand in his hair, and kisses him as if his life depended on it. He feels like it does.

Senga almost cries in relief when Nikaido's hands move to rest on his hips and Nikaido relaxes against him, not entirely pliant, but at least accepting. He kisses Senga back, and Senga knows disaster has been averted. But then Nikaido bites his lip and Senga jerks back in shock.

"Nika," he says, eyes wide. Nikaido doesn't smile, and although his eyes are dark with want, it's clear that he's still angry. And he has every right to be, a small voice reminds Senga. He's managed to soothe away the hurt, but Nikaido is still pissed off. And aroused. Senga closes his eyes and whines in his throat; Nikaido looks really hot like that.

Senga whines again when Nikaido nips at his neck. Nikaido's not being gentle and it kind of hurts, but Senga won't tell him to stop. Nikaido bites at him, pinching skin between his teeth: shoulder, neck, ear, chin. He walks Senga backwards a few steps and shoves him up against the door for a second time. Senga feels his heartbeat pick up as adrenaline races through his body. It's intense and a little bit scary, but also insanely hot, the way Nikaido pins him so tightly he couldn't move if he wanted to. He doesn't want to.

Nikaido crushes his mouth to Senga's and Senga groans into the kiss. It's harsh, Nikaido's teeth catching his lip again, and Senga can't bring himself to care. He knows right then that he'll give Nikaido whatever he wants, that he'll let him take it. Senga can't deny him anything, although he knows that if he were to tell Nikaido to stop, he would.

Nikaido slides his hands under the edge of Senga's shirt and Senga makes a soft little noise that turns into a cry as Nikaido drags his nails harshly up Senga's sides. Senga twists his head away so that he can breathe, and Nikaido just shifts his attention back to Senga's neck. Senga thinks Nikaido is doing his best to mark him; he hasn't come close to breaking skin, but Senga knows there will red lines etched along his sides, and he's pretty sure he'll be sporting a nice hickey or two by tomorrow. He won't be able to hide it from the rest of Butoukan, not with the way they move during practice; nothing will cover it all up. It's a clear message to Bunichi and just about everyone else, and Senga blushes just thinking about it.

Nikaido pulls Senga's shirt up and off, then falls to his knees and tugs Senga with him. Senga, with his feet behind him, has a good distance between his back and the wall. When Nikaido pushes him, he hits the wall hard. Shoulderblades pressed up against the surface, the angle forces Senga to spread his knees to keep his balance. Nikaido takes advantage of the opportunity, slipping closer and leaning forward to mouth at Senga's exposed collarbone.

Senga sinks down to sit on his heels, his thighs shaking from the effort of keeping himself up. Nikaido follows, his hands on either side of Senga's hips, and he kisses Senga with such ferocity that Senga can't do much more than pant through his nose. He clutches at Nikaido's shoulders and loses himself to it, the roof of his mouth suddenly more sensitive than he'd ever thought and Nikaido knowing exactly the right places to set Senga shivering.

When Nikaido gathers Senga into his arms and pulls him back to his knees, he shifts his leg forward. Senga has to drag along the length of Nikaido's thigh, moaning raggedly at the friction. Nikaido gets a hand between them and palms Senga through his sweatpants, rubbing just enough to make Senga feel like he's on fire. He melts into Nikaido, throwing his arms around his back and burying his face into Nikaido's neck. He's just opening his mouth to give Nikaido a taste of his own medicine when Nikaido stops touching him.

"Don't even think about it," Nikaido says. He pulls away and gets to his feet, and Senga's left blinking at the sudden loss. But Nikaido just strips off his own clothes and pulls Senga up to help him do the same, and Senga can't help but be relieved. If Nikaido had turned and walked away, Senga thinks he would have cried. Instead he throws himself against Nikaido the moment he has all his clothes off, and together they stumble towards the couch.

"Nika," Senga mumbles against Nikaido's mouth. "Nika." He's not sure what he wants to say. Maybe if he keeps repeating Nikaido's name... well, he's not sure. He just feels the need to say it. The next one comes out on a rush of air as Nikaido topples them onto the couch. Nikaido arches up against Senga, a Ken-chan on his lips, and Senga thinks his anger has finally burned away. He feels tension he didn't know he was holding leave him, settling more comfortably against the body below him.

The anger is gone, but not forgotten, clearly, as Nikaido smirks. "You're still in trouble," he says, but now his eyes are sparkling with mirth.

Senga thinks he's going to enjoy this type of punishment.

He's not proven wrong when Nikaido digs his nails into Senga's backside, making Senga jerk forward against him. The slide of their cocks against each other makes them both moan, and Senga ducks his head. Now he's going to have marks on his ass, too, but at least no one will see those. They will, however, see the lines Nikaido scratches up his lower back, and even though it only hurts for a second, Senga can just imagine what it's going to look like- distinct fingernail marks trailing down beneath the waistband of his underwear...

"Nika," Senga mumbles, closing his eyes. "That's... it's enough, isn't it?" He can feel his cheeks heating with embarrassment.

"They have to know," Nikaido replies. "Everyone has to know." The lines on Senga's back smart a bit as Nikaido runs his hands over them. "You're mine, and no one else is going to touch you." He grins at Senga, and then leans up lightning quick and bites Senga's shoulder. Senga yelps.


Nikaido's grin turns sharp and knowing. "You like it," he says. Senga opens his mouth to protest, then snaps it shut again; it would be lying. He's embarrassed that other people are going to see the marks, but there's a sort of thrill in that as well. Everyone will know exactly how he got them and who gave them. It's no secret that he's with Nikaido, but Nikaido claiming him publicly, sort of, makes Senga feel special. Tsukada will see, which means A.B.C. will know, which means Fujigaya will know, which means the entire company, or at least the majority of the members under twenty-five and even some over, will hear.

Senga drops his head onto Nikaido's chest. Within two days' time, Senga calculates, he'll essentially be Nikaido's property, as far as everyone else is concerned. Senga finds he doesn't mind the idea. He tilts his head to prop his chin on Nikaido's breastbone. "I'm yours, ne," he says, and it's not a question. Nikaido's smile softens.

"You're mine," he replies. He curls his fingers into Senga's hair and drags him up for a kiss, much gentler this time. He pushes Senga back slightly after a moment and looks up at him. "You love me?" Nikaido asks, and that is a question. The uncertainty is showing in Nikaido's expression and Senga hates it, hates that he ever made Nikaido doubt him.

"Yes," Senga answers. "Yes, I love you." He makes sure to say it loud and clear, so there's no room for any doubt in Nikaido's mind that Senga means it.

Nikaido looks at him for a moment, then says 'okay.' Senga thinks he looks like he's trying to hide a happy smile and failing. It's one of the things Senga really likes about Nikaido: that even though he tries his best to be cool and even pulls it off most of the time, he's really a complete sap.

Senga kisses the smile off Nikaido's face. He keeps kissing him until Nikaido is pushing up against him with a rhythmic rocking and they both have to separate to breathe. Nikaido takes the opportunity to grab Senga around the waist, and with a little maneuvering, Senga ends up beneath him.

"You're really into this biting thing, aren't you?" Senga says, jumping a bit as Nikaido rolls Senga's nipple between his teeth.

"I could be more into it," Nikaido replies, running a finger up Senga's cock, and Senga gasps both at the feeling and at the implication. "But I'll be nice," Nikaido says. He soothes his tongue over Senga's bitten nipple and Senga arches into him with a groan. It's sensitive now, and a little suction sends ripples of pleasure down to his groin. Senga is relieved when Nikaido follows the feeling, trailing a path of kisses and nips as he slides down Senga's body. As Nikaido's lips slip over the head of Senga's cock, Senga lets himself sink into the feeling, closing his eyes and letting it wash over him. He opens his eyes again immediately, confused at the lack of movement. When he looks, he has to groan at the sight. Nikaido is still, keeping his mouth around the tip of Senga's cock, giving small flicks with his tongue and nothing more. But the look in his eyes makes Senga tense in anticipation.

Senga's expecting there to be pain, but there isn't. Instead, the barest hint of teeth as Nikaido finally takes him in sends Senga into a back-arching spasm. Frissions of pleasure radiate from the tiny points Senga is sure he can feel, and he wonders if maybe Nikaido shouldn't bite him anyway, just to keep him from coming right then. Nikaido doesn't, and fortunately, Senga doesn't, and Nikaido backs off on the teeth and settles into a smooth, slow bob. It's enough to drive Senga crazy and he can't help raising his hips from the couch, seeking for more. He whines when Nikaido places his forearm across Senga's thighs and holds him down. "Ni~ka~," he says, and then wishes he hadn't when Nikaido lifts his head.

"No complaining," Nikaido says cheerfully. "You're apologizing, remember?"

"But I thought you already accepted that," Senga says, and he knows he sounds rather pitiful. His cock is hard and leaking.

"I can take it back, if you'd like," Nikaido answers, doing nothing more than running a fingertip up Senga's length.

"No," Senga gasps, and he automatically twists into the touch.

"Then you should make sure you deserve it," Nikaido says, and he looks like he's having way too much fun. Senga wants to cry in frustration, but holds back.

"What do you want me to do?" Senga manages. Nikaido pulls away entirely and stares at him with dark, dark eyes.

"Prepare yourself."

Senga bites his lip to keep quiet. It's not often that Nikaido just watches him; Nikaido is pretty hands-on in general. But when he does watch, Senga thinks it's really hot. It always feels so dirty to touch himself like that, Nikaido's sharp gaze following his every move.

"I need lube," Senga says, quietly.

"Do it without," Nikaido commands, and Senga's a bit surprised, but he's not going to argue.

He slides his fingers shakily across the inside of his thigh and takes a deep breath. He doesn't get further than circling his own rim before Nikaido stops him, an unreadable look on his face.

"Would you really?" Nikaido asks.

"...if you wanted me to." Senga's not sure what Nikaido is asking, but from the small smile that appears on Nikaido's face, he knows that he's passed some kind of test.

"Here." Nikaido tosses a container of lube onto his chest. Senga doesn't ask where he was hiding it, just opens it wordlessly and makes sure his fingers are good and slick. He gets back to where he was, and the cool smoothness is a comfort, his first finger slipping in with little effort. His wrist brushes his cock as he moves and Senga tries to ignore the desire to grab himself with his other hand. Instead he concentrates on the slide of his finger inside himself, not touching where he wants to there, either. He winces a bit as he pushes in with a second finger and gets serious.

Nikaido always prepares him well, and Senga knows he'd better do the same, because Nikaido isn't going to go easy on him. Definitely not with the way he's drinking Senga in with his eyes, hungry and wanting, waiting. Nikaido's patient, but Senga's not, and when Senga meets Nikaido's eyes, he whimpers, pushing against his fingers.


"You're not ready," Nikaido says, although it looks like he might be having trouble holding back, as well.

"No," Senga admits, because he knows it's true, but he wants to be, and grits his teeth as he pushes another finger inside. He's barely gotten used to it when Nikaido apparently decides he doesn't like just watching anymore. He sits at Senga's feet and pushes one knee out of the way, and Senga's not sure what he's planning.

A fourth finger pushing in next to his own makes Senga cry out.

"Are you okay?" Nikaido asks, rubbing soothing circles over Senga's other knee.

Senga's not okay, not really, but he says he is. Nikaido stops moving their fingers and narrows his eyes.

"Liar." He wraps his free hand around Senga's cock and tugs, and Senga's immediately distracted from the pain. When Nikaido guides their hands together inside him, there's only a dull ache. He keeps this up until Senga's flagging erection is restored, then surprises Senga with a bite on his knee.

Senga yelps. "What was that for?"

"Just a reminder," Nikaido smiles. Senga's not sure what Nikaido's reminding him of, so it's possibly not such an effective one, but Senga doesn't point this out. He hisses as Nikaido pulls their fingers out. Being stretched so much has left him feeling more empty than usual and he nudges Nikaido with his knee when Nikaido takes his time.

"Are you ready now?" Nikaido asks, and Senga wants to hit him for asking unnecessary questions.

"Yes," he says instead, his voice catching a bit in desperation.

A ragged moan escapes him as Nikaido finally, finally pushes in.

It takes Senga a moment to come to his senses. Nikaido isn't moving, letting Senga get used to the feeling. When Senga's ready again, he pushes up against Nikaido with a murmur.

"Okay," he says, "you can move now," but Nikaido reaches down to still his hips. Senga stares up at him. "Nika?"

Nikaido stares back. "Who else touches you like this?"

"What? No one!" Senga says.

"Only me?"

"Only you," Senga insists. He can't believe Nikaido is asking. One meaningless little kiss seems to have shaken Nikaido's confidence entirely. He hides it well, but now Senga sees through it. "Nika, do you really not know how I feel?"

Nikaido looks away for a moment. "I know."

"You know, but you don't believe me?" Senga prompts.

Nikaido looks back, an indignant expression painted across his face. "You say it, but how can I believe it when yo-." His voice catches.

It's obvious to Senga that Nikaido loves him, that Nikaido is breaking over him, over the thought that Senga doesn't love him back. Senga wants to be insulted that Nikaido would think so little of him in return, but he knows Nikaido has been with people he hasn't loved. It must be difficult for him to understand that Senga wouldn't do the same. It makes it a bit harder for Senga to show how he really feels.

Senga wraps his arms around Nikaido's neck and pulls him close. "Nika, it's only you. This," he gasps, punctuating his words by wrapping his legs around Nikaido and pulling him even closer, "this is only for you. Only you see me like this. Only you touch me like this. Only you make me feel like this and I don't ever want anyone else." He pushes up hard against Nikaido, pulls him down into himself. "Please, Nika, I love you."

Senga can see the moment Nikaido truly believes him; understanding washes across his face and Senga catches a glimpse of a smile just before Nikaido crushes his mouth to Senga's. Nikaido presses him into the couch, then pulls back for a long, smooth thrust that leaves Senga crying out against him.

"You love me."

Senga is relieved to hear it's not a question this time. "Yes," he answers anyway, and is rewarded with another out-in slide.

"You love me."

"Yes." And again.

"Yes. Yes. Yes." Each word earns him a thrust, and so Senga says it again and again, faster and faster, yesyesyes, until he's not even sure what he's saying yes to. Nikaido doesn't seem to be listening anymore, panting into the hollow of Senga's throat, his back shaking beneath Senga's hands. He's too close, Senga can tell, and so Senga gets a hand between them and grasps his own cock, desperate to keep up.

It doesn't end up being a problem. Nikaido comes hard with a groan, biting down on Senga's collarbone, and Senga's not shocked to find himself following, the sting of Nikaido's teeth radiating in little waves to mix with the ones from below.

When Senga can think about moving again, Nikaido has his head pillowed on Senga's shoulder. "I love you," Senga whispers in his ear, nudging Nikaido's cheek with his nose. Nikaido picks up his head and smiles.

"I know," he says, looking bashful, "now."

"You won't doubt me, will you?" Senga asks. "Especially over something as dumb as Bunichi-kun."

"Well, he is pretty dumb." Nikaido smirks and Senga smacks him lightly.

"That's not what I meant." He looks at Nikaido seriously.

"I... no," Nikaido says, finally. "It's hard to see you close with other people, but-," he pauses. Senga raises an eyebrow and waits. "It's our job. I know you can't help it, and I know... I know you love me. I'm sorry for being-"

"-a jealous, possessive freak?" Senga interrupts with a grin.

Nikaido laughs. "Um, not what I was going to say, but I suppose that applies, too," he admits.

"Well," Senga says, and bites his lip, "you can be possessive whenever you want. As long as you trust me."

"I trust you," Nikaido says, and he sounds definite.

"Good." Senga leans over a bit and nips Nikaido on the ear. Nikaido yelps.

"What was that for?!"

Senga grins. "Payback's a bitch."


"What the hell..."

Senga tries to bat him away, but Tsukada avoids his hand and yanks up the edge of Senga's t-shirt. His eyes widen immediately and Senga just gives up. He hadn't had high hopes anyway.

"Holy shit, Senga..." Tsukada sounds awed, and Senga isn't sure if that's a good thing or not.

He's saved from further scrutiny when Hamanaka walks through the door with unfortunately purple hair and Tsukada's awe is diverted to his head.

"Holy shit, Bunichi," he adds. "What did you do to your hair?!"

Hamanaka scowls at him. "I didn't do anything. It was like this when I finished my shower after rehearsal yesterday and I can't get it out." He turns on Senga. "What."

Senga finds that he's laughing too hard to answer.

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