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Today is Shounen Club! Here we go again, this time with o3.12.2oo6's song list. It might be incomplete, since I haven't watched the episode myself and I won't be able to confirm it, but it looks pretty much okay. OMG I CAN'T WAIT fhdkfghl;fdkjldsjhlgfhklgfjgl.

Theme: Kosei
Producer: Kis-My-Ft2

「PARADISE Ginga」 Kis-My-Ft2
「Bulldog」 A.B.C.
「Maitta NE Konya」J.J.Express
「DAYBREAK」 Question?
「Dakishimete TONIGHT」 Ya-Ya-yah
「Shamisen BUGI」 Johnny's Jrs
「MISO SOUP」 TegoMasu
「Kis-My-Me-Mine」 Kis-My-Ft2
「Crazy Accel」 A.B.C.
「LOVE Addiction」 Koyama Keiichiro
「Ready? / Inori」 Kis-My-Ft2
「Gooood」 Johnny's Jrs.

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