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Tamamori/Miyata (Kis-My-Ft2), PG

Title: Destination
Pairing: Miyata/Tamamori
Rating/Warnings: PG


Everyone knows they're too old for sleepovers, but none of their parents has said anything so far and Miyata and Tamamori aren't going to push their luck by asking.

Tamamori is curled up on Miyata's bed, his head pillowed on Miyata's shoulder. Miyata's fingers are slack where they're intertwined with Tamamori's and he's probably already asleep; it's the only reason Tamamori speaks aloud.

"We should get married in Italy," he mutters, mostly to the ceiling.

He's a bit surprised when Miyata hums beneath him. "What are you talking about?" Miyata may not have been asleep, but he sounds like he's halfway there. Tamamori hopes that if he doesn't answer, Miyata will forget about it and actually fall asleep.

No such luck. Miyata nudges him in the thigh with their combined hands. "Hmm?"

Tamamori is glad that Miyata can't see the flush spreading across his face. "Nothing. It's just… my cousin got married in Rome last month and, well. It's romantic, isn't it?" He says the last bit under his breath, still waiting for sleep to save him from Miyata's questioning.

"I guess so," Miyata agrees, and it's not the response Tamamori was expecting.

"Really?" he asks, skeptically. Miyata has to be humoring him.

"For some people, I suppose," Miyata says, "although it's not where I'd want to get married."

The fact that Miyata seems to have thought about getting married scares Tamamori. They're still young, but in his heart, Tamamori hopes that this is forever. However, curiosity gets the better of him. He's afraid the answer might hurt, afraid to know the details of Miyata's imagined wedding, but Tamamori can't stop himself from asking. "So where would you want to get married?"

"I'd want to get married in Boston."

It's so random that Tamamori forgets to worry. "What? Why?"

Miyata shifts against him slightly and tilts his head so that their noses are brushing. "Well, because we could."

Tamamori's breath catches at the 'we.' "What?" he whispers again.

"We can't get married in Japan, right?" Miyata explains. "They don't allow it. But if we went to America, there are a few places…"

Miyata trails off and Tamamori doesn't dare to hope. Miyata doesn't mean what Tamamori thinks he means, does he?

"Tama-chan?" Miyata says, hesitantly.

"How do you know that?" Tamamori breathes, too stunned to give full voice to his thoughts.

"I… may have researched a bit," Miyata says, and he sounds like he's admitting an embarrassing secret. It's the most wonderful thing Tamamori has ever heard.

"You- you want to marry me?"

He can feel Miyata duck his head a bit, even if he can't see him clearly in the dark. "Well, I don't know if we really could. We're not American citizens and I don't know how the rules work. I only looked into it a bit and I think that kind of information will be in English, but-"

Tamamori doesn't let him get any further before he's kissing Miyata with everything he has. When he pulls back, he can't hold back a sob of joy. "You wanna marry me!"

Miyata pulls him closer and Tamamori lets him. "Yeah," Miyata says into his hair. "Yeah, I do."

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