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[MOD] Please understand...

I know luma_chan has already talked about it Here but I'll put it into simple words here...


This is by no means meant to piss you people off but to tell you that we CANNOT BE EVERYWHERE. Neither of us can follow every single thread in this community. We can monitor the posts but we cannot read through all the comments, especially if it is an ongoing discussion from something that has been posted a while ago.

That's why we rely on YOU to tell us if something is going on that is violating the rules. And please to so EARLY on and not when things have already gotten out of hand. With the current 'case' neither of us mods can really tell what was going on because half of the comments have already been deleted.

At the moment it's even more difficult to follow everything since I'm actually in the middle of my exams as well and I simply can't devote more time to the internet than I already am.

Also, some people here aren't native English speakers. There can be misunderstandings sometimes because of that, so please do not jump to conclusions prematurely. Criticism is different from outright flaming.

Plus, some threads here are meant for DISCUSSIONS. And because everyone has freedom of speech, they can have opinions not everyone might share. If you do not agree to something, please give the other person your arguments as to why you do not agree, give a reason aside from "That's not true you bitch!" or something along those lines. Please also respect other people's opinions and do not discriminate on those opinions. Different people can have different experiences and different thoughts.

Thanks for your cooperation.
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