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[MOD] Rumours

I know some of you may have seen the yahoo articles or the ones in Tokyo Sports...or any other newspapers. Yes, the titles say "Debut Concert" when they refer to the recent EbiKisu con but it is an error that can be easily misunderstood. The actual articles do not in any way say something about a debut. They talk about the concerts and about how Takki and some members of HSJ came as guests.

Apparently it was supposed to be "Concert Debut" which is indeed true because this concert was the first one for the two groups as they are. Please do not get overexited over this.

We have had the "possible debut?" discussion already so I have deleted the post that was made (besides, it was not rule conform anyway). And please, until J&A themselves announce something concrete, we cannot say anything.

Please keep the rumour posts down.
We've had this before which resulted in massive monitoring of every post before it was allowed to go up to the community. It gives us mods extra work, which we cannot handle at the moment.

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