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Perfect (Nikaido/Senga), R

Title: Perfect
Pairing: Nikaido/Senga
Rating/Warnings: R, for mentions of piercings in interesting places
AN: Thanks to mousapelli for the quick beta. This feels like a change from my usual style, and my muses just took over. I'm not sure I'm pleased with this one. Hmm. Is it odd that my muses have different kinks than I do? -_^


When he's finally ready to share his new surprise with his boyfriend, Nikaido tells him first thing in the morning. It's more fun that way.

"Hey, Senga," he calls out, not bothering with a greeting as he tosses his bag into the corner of the practice studio. Senga turns around from where he's lacing up one shoe.


"I have something to show you."

Senga comes over the second he's finished. "What is it?"

"I'll show you later." Nikaido grins at Senga's indignant look.

"But- ugh. Good morning to you, too." Senga makes a face at him and doesn't even argue. Nikaido grins even wider. Senga won't bother trying. They both know Nikaido won't give in, and it's going to eat at Senga all day.


When Kis-My-Ft2 finally disperses mid-afternoon, Nikaido pounces on Senga's back.

"You're still coming home with me, right?"

Senga pushes him off, but his eyes light up. "You'll show me then?" He hasn't mentioned anything all day, which must have taken effort, but clearly he hasn't forgotten. Nikaido tugs him in the direction of the station by his sleeve.


Senga's staying over; it's just too far to really bother otherwise.

There's no other mention of the 'surprise' during the trip home. Nikaido is stubborn, and Senga has learned that his whining gets him nowhere, and if anything, encourages Nikaido to prolong his agony.

They both kick off their shoes in the entryway to Nikaido's house. Their "I'm home" is greeted with a scrabble of nails on wood flooring as one of Nikaido's dogs charges into his legs. He ruffles the fur on top of her head and sends her skittering back into the other room with a gentle push, then leads Senga to his room. His parents won't be home until late evening, and by his calculation, they've got a few hours before anyone is likely to interrupt them.


Time for the real fun, then. Nikaido has been waiting weeks to show Senga his new navel piercing, and it's been difficult hiding it while it healed. He's pretty sure Senga's going to like it- Senga nearly lost it when Fujigaya got his. All Nikaido had to do that week was give Senga a little mental imagery, Taipi would probably let you play with it, and Senga would come apart under his hands.

Nikaido grabs Senga's shoulders after he's closed the door and positions Senga in the middle of the room. "Stand there."

Senga blinks. "What are you doing?"

"Just watch." And with that, Nikaido strips his shirts over his head and tosses them to the side. He stands easily, waiting for Senga to figure it out. It takes a moment before Senga's eyes leave Nikaido's face to trace down his torso, but Nikaido can tell the instant Senga realizes what he's looking at.

"Nika!" Senga gasps, eyes flying back to Nika's face, wide with surprise. They only stay there a second though, before Senga drops to his knees to stare up close. "Nika, you…"

Nikaido smirks. Senga's speechless.


Nikaido stays motionless as Senga splays his hands across Nikaido's abdomen, framing his navel. Senga is staring so closely that his breath ghosts across Nikaido's skin, raising goosebumps over his stomach in a shivery wave. Senga stares up at him in awe.

"Can I touch it?" he whispers.

"Sure," Nikaido answers, and then almost regrets it. Senga slides a finger across the upper silver ball and Nikaido flinches involuntarily. It hurts a bit, but at the same time sends a trickle of arousal straight to his groin. Senga stops immediately.


"No, it's okay. It's just still a bit sensitive, that's all."

"Are you sure?" Senga's finger is hovering over the jewelry.

"Yeah, it's fine." Nikaido doesn't tell him just how sensitive it is.

There's a small doubt forming in the back of Nikaido's mind. He finds himself struggling not to squirm as Senga passes his finger over the ball again, and Nikaido starts to think that maybe he's more affected by this than Senga. Not what he had planned. He can feel himself starting to harden as Senga presses again, rolling the piercing against the skin of Nikaido's stomach.

Damn Taipi for not telling him this part.

Really, really damn. Nikaido's eyes flutter shut and then open again as he attempts to feign nonchalance, but it's getting increasingly difficult as Senga explores his stomach with his fingers, poking at his navel and twisting the metal between his fingertips. Every touch is shooting lines of pleasure down to Nikaido's cock and Senga has to have noticed by now, Nikaido's erection just below his chin. Nikaido focuses on breathing, but then Senga stares up at him with a smile.

"Ne, Nika…"


Senga's still looking at him as he leans in and licks at Nikaido's piercing. It's unexpected, and Nikaido cries out before he can think to stop himself.

"Nice~." Senga grins, and Nikaido shuts his eyes in despair. Not what he planned at all. Senga licks him again, and Nikaido clutches Senga's shoulders for support.

"Senga." His voice is tight. Senga ignores him in favor of Nikaido's stomach, flicking his tongue against the silver and making Nikaido's knees turn to jelly. When Senga sucks one of the tiny balls between his lips, Nikaido can't take it anymore.

"Senga." Legs shaking, he drags his boyfriend up and over to the bed, where Nikaido gratefully collapses onto the mattress. Senga crawls up half his body.

"It's really, really hot, Nika," Senga says, grinning. "Ne?" He leans down to flick the piercing with his tongue again, and Nikaido doesn't try to hold back his shiver.

"Nngh," he agrees, squeezing his eyes shut as Senga gets the ball between his teeth and tugs.

Nikaido buries his fingers in Senga's hair and arches up against him. His navel has never been very sensitive before, but now it feels almost as good as if Senga were touching his cock. When Senga dips his tongue under the lower end of the silver bar, Nikaido imagines he can feel it even lower. His hips jerk.

Senga lifts his head and laughs. "It looks like lots of fun. Maybe you should get another one," he says, "here," and reaches up to brush a finger over one of Nikaido's nipples. Nikaido's eyes fly open on a gasp, only to fall shut again when Senga drifts over to the other nipple. "Or here."

Senga follows his fingers with his lips, pressing open-mouthed kisses across Nikaido's chest from one side to the other. Nikaido opens his eyes when Senga pauses and finds Senga staring down at him in contemplation.

"Or here," Senga says with a smirk, dragging a finger along Nikaido's lower lip, and suddenly Nikaido is seriously considering what it might feel like to kiss Senga with the smooth metal of a lip ring in the way. He lets Senga do as he wishes, sucking Senga's finger into his mouth and groaning when Senga passes over his tongue with another "or here."

"Just imagine how that would feel against my cock, if you had a tongue ring…" Senga mutters to himself, and Nikaido doesn't think he realizes how dirty that sounds, or how hot. But Senga's not unaffected by his own ideas. Nikaido can feel Senga pressed hard against his hip, grinding in small circles as Senga's eyes darken with arousal.

"You really do have a piercing fetish, don't you?" Nikaido asks when Senga removes his finger, but his question goes unanswered as Senga again follows his finger with his tongue. Nikaido allows Senga to lead the kiss for a bit before he gets impatient. Clutching Senga's hair for leverage, he pulls Senga into a better angle and curls his tongue against Senga's in a demand for more.

"Stop teasing," he breathes against Senga's mouth, and pushes at Senga's shoulders. Senga gives him one more grin before wriggling back down the length of Nikaido's body.

Just the brush of Senga's hands as he finally undoes Nikaido's belt is a relief after so long, but it gets even better within seconds as Senga pushes clothing out of the way and gets his mouth on Nikaido's cock.

But Senga lifts his head after just a minute.

"I could get a tongue ring instead," he suggests, and Nikaido tries to push him back down.

"You don't need a tongue ring," Nikaido growls. "Just stop talking." He keeps a firm hand on the back of Senga's head in case he's thinking of discussing any other bright ideas. But Senga seems to have given up for now, getting serious with his hands and mouth and sucking hard enough to make Nikaido whimper.

Nikaido is close as it is, trying his best not to just give in and writhe beneath Senga's touches, but when Senga reaches up to rub at his navel piercing again, it's too much. Nikaido comes hard and fast, shuddering as Senga swallows around him.

It takes a few moments to compose himself, but when he does, Senga readily allows him to shove enough clothing out of the way to wrap his hand around Senga's cock in return. Senga's already incredibly hard and Nikaido guesses that it won't take long. Senga grabs at Nikaido's shoulders and narrows his eyes in pleasure as Nikaido strokes him, and Nikaido gets an idea.

"You know," he says softly, letting his breathe wash over Senga's ear and feeling Senga shudder, "you could get away with it. No one would have to see."

"Hmm?" Senga mumbles, pushing into the circle of Nikaido's fist.

"If you got a piercing," Nikaido whispers, and flicks a finger against the tip of Senga's cock. "Right here."

Senga gasps and spills himself hot over Nikaido's hand.

"Do you really think that's hot?" Nikaido asks later, the two of them showered and in their pajamas, lounging around after dinner. "I mean, to get your dick pierced?"

Senga flushes a dark red. "No. I don't know. I guess it would be weird."

"So why did you…?" Nikaido raises an eyebrow.

"I don't know," Senga says again. "I just… I mean, I don't really think nipple rings would be all that attractive, either. Might feel nice, but…" he trails off. "Anyway. Most of them would just be weird or annoying. Although."


"Well, you might look hot with a lip ring," Senga grins, and leans in to nip the perfect location. Nikaido indulges him, tugging Senga closer until they're both just a little bit breathless.

"Never going to happen," he says when they pull away.

"I know," Senga agrees. "I'll just have to make do with this one." He slides a hand lighting quick up beneath Nikaido's shirt, and Nikaido twists away with a laugh.

"Stop it!"

His plan worked well enough, Nikaido thinks, as he fends off Senga's roaming hands. He is, after all, a genius. It's not quite what Nikaido had been going for, but maybe it's even better.


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