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Johnny's Jrs Music Game

This is the first one I'm doing for the Juniors~ Please read the details~

Johnny's Jrs Ver.01

Basically, I'm going list lyrics from different Johnny's Jrs' groups' songs and you have to guess which songs they are.

1. All songs are original songs of Johnny's Jrs.

2. The lyrics will be a line from the chorus, usually first or second or last.

3. Looking them up on Google or any other search engines is CHEATING. Try not to listen to the mp3s while doing this as well. ^^

4. I screened the comments, so you guys can't look at each other's answers.

5. Please answer all the songs you know in one comment...just to make things easier for me.

6. I have opened up my mp3 list for requests...so there will be no prizes for winning...check it out here.

(Test your knowledge of Johnny's Jrs songs!~)

Confusing? Then feel free to ask for clarification. I don't bite. ^^

Oh...and comments are disabled...just because sometimes I forget about people who comment with their answers on this post. ^^;;

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