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Kis-My-Ft2 - Duet January 2008

Yosh, a Christmas-themed article! ...even though it's from last year and they did do something similar in January 2009 issue of Duet. X3;

KisuMai talks about what they think about Christmas! They actually don't care!? Do they think they'll get presents for Christmas? And nanto, Taisuke saw Santa before!?

(Who cares about Christmas!?)

Also, Uchi concerts. No full MC translation this time though. Just highlights about the rest of the Yokohama Arena shows. Girly!Taisuke (his hair //dies//), chimpanzee!Senga and Uchi touching HiroSuke's butts yo.

(内博貴 年末年始 Rockな仲間たち大集合! - December 20th-21st)
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