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40 EbiKisu Icons - First Concert Pamphlet Off-Shot J-Web Sets

Icons based on EbiKisu J-web photo sets (different from venue sets and shop photos).

# Icons: 40/40
[04] Fujigaya Taisuke
[04] Kitayama Hiromitsu
[04] Yokoo Wataru
[04] Nikaido Takashi
[04] Senga Kento
[04] Tamamori Yuuta
[04] Miyata Toshiya
[04] Goseki Koichi
[04] Kawai Fumito
[04] Totsuka Shota


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Also, for those who don't know, EbiKisu have made their debut in several magazines within these past few days - Look at Star, nicola and BiDaN. If you want to know just how much EbiKisu you'll find in each, I've described the spreads as part of my icons post in the above link.
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