blue_chocolate (chocoblu) wrote in kis_my_ft2,

After careful thought and deliberation, I've finally come to an understanding of what I need. Therefor, though I may be hesitant about my actions, I find it that my need is too strong for me to not acknowledge. 


Can someone write a tamamori fanfic? something fluffy and sweet! I don't care who he is paired with! (Though I'd personally preffer tamamori/taisuke). Hopefully a long one.

Don't you think its time that he gets some attention? I'd write the fic myslef but I can't because of 2 reasons 

1.) I write crappy fics (so crappy that when I read my own fics, I lose inspiration)


2.) I don't like reading my own fics. It isn't fun for me. 

So please,please,please someone write a fanfic!
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