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[fic] kiss and tell

Er, hello!

Title: Kiss and Tell
Author: liangzhu
Pairings: ?? x Fujigaya, with side orders of Miyata x Tamamori, Yara x Goseki, Yara x Fujigaya x Goseki, Kame x Nikaido, Kame x Fujigaya x Nikaido, Tackey x Senga, and possibly Koki x Nakamaru
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: sex, threesomes, implied sexual activities between an adult and a (baaaarely, and he looks older anyways) minor, brief mention of cross-dressing/toys, complete ignorance of How Things Really Work Behind the Scenes at JE
Notes: Written for shatteredtenshi for je_holiday. Much thanks to dammitliv, my last-minute beta! There wasn't going to be porn in this, but somehow, it happened. The pairings list kind of exploded (along with the fic) at the end... Juniors just have a way of taking over.

Cross-posted at jent_fanfics, but since it's Kisumai-centric, I thought it'd be nice to post it somewhere where it wouldn't get lost in the Akame/Koyashige/Tegomass/etc. fics. >.> :P

(A simple love? There's no such thing)
Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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