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iida fic~

This is kind of about Kismai debuting, which I wanted to write. But doing it from the point of view of anyone in Ebikisu would have been entirely too depressing, so... Iida. ♥ :Db

Title: Some things never change (but people aren't one of them) [originally for je_ficgames]
Details: Iida, Takeuchi (Kismai); 4.1k words, G-rated. Set in the not-too-distant future.
Summary: An old group debuts, but for those passed up it's just business as usual.

  [ i'm glad we met ♪ ]

The thing about Iida's father is from this crosstalk translated by enshinge. ♥
  Yokoo: Does Iida plan to go to university in the future and stuff too?
  Iida: Mm, I do, and I know what department I want to try too.
  Takeuchi: You seem like you’d do like math or some kind of science~.
  Iida: Not at all (laughs). I want to go to the college of performing arts. My father’s a stage director, and I want to study that kind of thing too.

♥ Anyway, since he dropped out of Kismai the March he would have started uni, I like to think his wish came true.

Oh! And the backflips! 8D Koichi Produces J-Support. Kusano's the only one in KKKity who can flip; Takeuchi and Yokoo definitely can't, while Iida apologises that he's only successful about one in ten tries. xD
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