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[Multi-Chapter] Uncertainty of Love (7/?)

SO SORRY THAT I AM LATE~!!! It's because... uh... I didn't go to sleep last night so when I got back from school, I was tired!! I went to sleep at like 5 PM and woke up at 3 AM~! Then I did some fangirling searching over my friends page for updates... and then I wrote this! ^^ I am very sorry... lame excuse! Now my chain of Friday updating is broken! *whines* So now I am here at 5:30 AM sitting with 2 cookies and some Hot Cheetos listening to Mirotic! XD OHHH!!!!!!!! I also have a surprise that is going to be finished in a little bit... it's for the Kis-My-Ft2 fandom! Okay... what is with me and these rants? Anyway, read on to another chapter of UoL! >_< y

Chapter: 07
Author: maremare1331
Pairing(s): Kitayama Hiromitsu x Fujigaya Taisuke, Nikaido Takashi x Senga Kento
Fandom: Kis-My-Ft2
Rating: PG/PG-13
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Angst (?)
Warnings: Later chapters will have more kissing… etc. XD
Summary: Hiromitsu is home alone and is bored out of his mind because his parents are on their second honeymoon. They’ll be gone for 3 weeks. He eventually gets too bored that he calls over Taisuke to keep him company. The problem? Hiromitsu has loved Taisuke ever since they were little. What will happen? Does Tai-chan feel the same? (Oh the suspense~! XD)

Previous Chapters: Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03 | Chapter 04 | Chapter 05 | Chapter 06

(Chapter 07)

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