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9 Kisumai Layouts (2 Group, 7 Individuals) ~ ♥

I made these layouts quite a bit ago and I finally got to coding them... 3 weeks ago? Oh well~ The main point is that I have them done and they are up now! ^^ This was my surprise to the Kisumai fandom~ ♥ I am very sorry for not updating my fic also. My computer's keyboard is broken and I can't exactly write it using the 'On-Screen Keyboard' because that would be too time consuming and it would be a lot of work~ I can't use my laptop either because it is technically my school's laptop and I rather not write yaoi on it! XD So until I can post my fic again, here is some lovely layouts~ ♥ Also sorry about not being able to fit it on one post~

(Layouts Part 1)
(Layouts Part 2)
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