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Shinkawa RP

My game is: shinkawa_rp
Format: LJ
Contact me at:
Game info: Do you want an RP that's a bit more relaxing? One where your muse lives a fairly drama free, regular life, no epic plots, dangerous battles or exciting superpowers? If yes, then Shinkawa RP could be the place for you :D


Shinkawa is a small town just outside of Tokyo, where everyone knows everyone (and everyone's business). It's a typical town, with various local shops and businesses, and a close knit community full of rumours about who's dating who, who's going into debt, and whether that building on the edge of town is really haunted or not.

Running through the center of Shinkawa is a river - which aptly gave the town it's name - and it's a favourite spot for the townspeople to go for whatever purpose, be it for picnics, meeting someone, or doing a spot of fishing.

Generally, Shinkawa is fairly unexciting; the most thrilling headlines the local newspaper comes up with tend to be about town council announcements, student achievements at the local schools, recent festivals, and sometimes even things as demure as the what the most popular vegetable at the grocery is.


This RP is based around the town Shinkawa and it's inhabitants; it's all about forming relationships, holding festivals, and other such things.

You can have your character own a local business, maybe a small restaurant, a laundrette, a bakery - whatever you want, within reason. You can have your character be a member of the town council. You can even have your character send a message to someone else via the local newspaper.

RPing in Shinkawa is all about having your character live a small town life - think of the neighbourhoods in Stand Up! or Celeb to Binbo Taro - there might be neighbour rivalries, friendships, affairs, romances, neighbourhood holidays, and maybe even a few small town disasters.

Wanted/needed muses: So far only Arashi members have been claimed/reserved, and we welcome anyone from Japanese entertainment, who has some sort of link to JE, for example having acted in a drama with someone from JE.

Anything else: more information | Claimed/Reserved list | Applications/Reserves
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