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Ok bit of a rumour.

Kitayama Hiromitsu, Fujigaya Taisuke and Miyata Toshiya were spotted on a go con with young talents of Yellow Cab in an article that can be found HERE.

My thoughts?

Damn. And I thought I was to flail around because Hirosuke is now friends and hanging out but I didn't think that their first time (LOL) would be a go-con. And I wonder who those girls are they went with. I'm a ze jealous. I think she'll like Ruria because he likes young girls who are energetic and that girl looks sweet and fun. JEALOUS. Why am I 22 again? Well, I am young at heart. Pfft.

There was one girl who said "Miyata. Go Con..." LOL what a meanie! Well, why is Miyata always connected with hiro when it comes to girls? I think they're teaching him how to get a girl. Also, Taipi, what will your supposed "wife" say on your supposed "go con"? And I'm so not referring to myself ok? XDDDD

Credits to princekira for telling me of this rumour.


And did anyone see the latest promo for Byakkotai? there's a scene there where pi is carrying taipi and he looks like he's gonna die. I cry really. The drama seems so sad. Love Song forums would be subbing the drama. Also, you can see Taipi holding a gun and there's a young pretty lady there. /wtfrandom
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