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Takizawa Hideaki - Sha La La / Mugen no Hane

I realized I should x-post this so more people would know about this. X3;

News come in one right after the other! Tackey will be releasing a new solo single! Now, it might sound like there's nothing to do with Juniors but...his double A-side single, one of the songs, Mugen no Hane will actually be a main (not sure if theme or not) song within Takizawa Enbujou '09.

...and with the recording of the song, Taisuke, Hiromitsu, Kawai and Tottsu joins Tackey in the studio!

...which means we'll be able to hear Enbujou4's voices on a CD!

Considering the song is for Enbujou, I doubt it'll be like Home Party where the others join in talking, so hopefully they'll actually be singing!

I hope this means EbiKisu will definitely be part of Enbujou? We never got confirmation after all...

Anyways, yay, new single!

Unless Enbujou4 also stars in the PV of Mugen no Hane, unfortunately, they will then not be part of the DVD in the limited edition. Hopefully we'll get more information soon.

This is confirmed news. You can find information on the Avex website here. Johnnys Net have also been updated with the information.
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