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Kyoumoto Masaki - Speak - March 27th Entry

Two things.

If you guys have been wondering, there is final confirmation about the main Juniors who will be appearing in Enbujou'09. Johnnys Net have finally been updated that Taisuke, Hiro, Tottsu and Kawai will continue to take on main roles like last year's Enbujou. Other Juniors that were listed were MAD and TheyBudou members. The rest are grouped as Johnny's Juniors in general - most likely Taiga and gang, BIShadow etc will be appearing.

Goods wise, Enbujou4 (as I like to call them) will probably be in the pamphlet as well, there are photosets this year. 3 types of Tackey, 8 types of Juniors, but it's unknown if they're all of the Enbujou4 or of other Juniors as well.

Enbujou4 also appeared in Look at Star that was released yesterday with Tackey.

I also made a short translation of Kyoumoto-papa's latest entry were he tries to give some ideas of CMs that he thinks EbiKisu should become part of. It's short and funny.

(EbiKisu = Kalbi chips!?)
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