ran-ran (ran_ran) wrote in kis_my_ft2,

preorder: takizawa enbujou '09 goods.

hi, i am taking preorders for the following items:

(prices EXCLUDE shipping/packaging costs)
pamphlet 3000yen
clearfile 750yen
fan 2250yen
shopping bag 750yen
original photoset 900yen
(takizawa: 3 kinds; juniors: 8 kinds)

this preorder is for buyers who are able to make payment via paypal or dbs/posb bank transfer BEFORE 2ND APRIL. items will be shipped directly from japan via EMS by 3RD APRIL. please refer to [this] for an estimated shipping rate.

for more information, please email me at stnirptoof @ gmail . com. thanks =)
Tags: advertisement

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