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Graphics post

Hello! :D Are you smiling? You should be! Because life is fun... you should always smile! :D

Ok... this is my first post here. Nice to meet you everyone! :D

LOL Ok... I'll get to the point now... I did quite a lot of graphics last month and thought I'd share them in one big post (is it really that big? XD) so that you can enjoy them too! :D I did a number of things ranging from wallpapers to icons to just photo editing. Enjoy!

Who's in it?
- Jejung [1]
- Kamakari Kenta [7]
- Sato Takeru [1]
- Kis-My-Ft2: Group [1]
- Takaki Yuya [1]
- Yabu Kota [1]
- Nikaido Takaki [1]
- Totsuka and Tsukada [1]
- Totsuka Shota [12] (my bias isn't at all present... XD)

Wallpapers )

Photo edits )

Banner and Icons )
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