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Banner of Kings

  Title: Banner of Kings - Prologue
Author: Sakuraeda
Genre: Fantasy AU
Main Characters: Kisumai, HSJ, Shoon (a ton more...) 
Summary of Story (not chapter!):

The tensions between Raiden, Trailyn, and Brevain have never been a secret, but when the Raidenite King Higashiyama mounts a surprise attack on the Brevanian Castle, the solidarity of all three kingdoms and their neighbors threatens to dissolve. Trailyn, bordered on one side by Brevain, can no longer rely on its northern mountain range to protect it from Raidenite invasion, for Brevain is no longer under the control of its people.

As Higashiyama plots futher conquest, the Trailynite council convinces an ever-weakening king to close their kingdom's borders to Brevanian refugees, thereby sealing it from possible invasion...or from possible help. But the King is weak, dying, and will not live out the year and the Trailynite council does not like the knot of willful supporters gathering about the heir, Prince Yabu, and do their best to get rid of them in any way possible. Prince's Champion, Shoon Yamashita, is sent to the border with his ragtag unit of misfits, while it is assassination attempts for Councilor Nakamaru.

But Brevain is not ready to bow to their new leader, for there is a rumor running across the countriside thatPrince Miyata Toshiya escaped the fall of the castle Brevain...a rumor that is true. In grief over his lost family and friends, the prince is determined to get revenge and reclaim his kingdom. Aided by a young Brother-Mage named Tamamori, the Prince makes his way in secret to Trailyn, where he hopes to forge a long-needed alliance with Prince Yabu. But first, he has to get there...

Banner of Kings Prologue
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