~The Great Pretender~ (arimi_skywalker) wrote in kis_my_ft2,
~The Great Pretender~

Hi minna-san!

I'm a member of several communities and I see there's a lot of x-posting everytime there is a new Shounen Club episode. So I came to think maybe a Shounen Club community is a good idea to compile all the SC uploads and stop the x-posting. What do you think?

For this project to work, we all will have to cooperate not x-posting the SC thingies to the other communites. Do you want to make it?

It's just an idea.

Please, answer the poll ^___^
Poll #899673 Shokura (Shounen Club) community?

Do you want a Shokura (Shounen Club) community?

No. X-posting is OK
I don't care
Yes. I want to cooperate and stop the SC x-posting

Sorry! x-posted to yayayah and johnnys_ent
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