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When I found out there are no 'daily' communities for our dear Kisumai boys (and that would be yesterday, haha), I decided to create them myself. Right now only kitayama_daily has been created but I'll work on the others after writing this post. I'm at work right now so I'm not sure if I'll find the time to type up rules yet, but they'll be there soon enough. For now, if you wish to join, use your common sense when it comes to posting and all will be well. :)

Anyway, what I wanted to ask is... Mods, would it be okay to make use of the info you posted about the boys and the pics? It looks really neat so it'd be great if I could use them - and of course it would be wonderful if you'd list these communities as brother communities or however you want to call them. Let me know, okay? ♥

EDIT: All communities have been created: kitayama_daily, senga_daily, miyata_daily, yokoo_daily, taipi_daily, tamamori_daily and nika_daily. I'll work on their profiles and rules after this weekend but feel free to join.
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