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Kis-My-Ft2 - Potato December 2005 and March 2006

Translation. Separated into 2 groups. One group plans a trip to go skiing with A.B.C. and playing games where people can't laugh while the other group also talks about going on a trip to maybe Okinawa where Wataru gets left out and the rest of the group goes on a banana boat together.

( Like, decide on a formation like for dance, and with shime (symmetry) positions, slide (ski) down together. )

Another translation. Split into ani and otouto group, talk about Valentine's Day! Members continue to prove that KisuMai likes delusions no matter what and instead of cookies to return to girls on White Day, Hiro will give kimchi instead! On the other hand, it seems like Miyata is more suited for Black Day where unpopular people gather! ...because Miyacchi says the way to receive chocolate from a girl on Valentine's Day is to buy chocolate at the conbini, forget to take it, so the staff would run up and say 'Um, your chocolate...' XD

( Well, with me, around this time of each year, I get troubled over how my room would become scattered with chocolate all over~ )
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