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Title: Tonight... Just be yourself.
Characters: Kitayama, Domoto Koichi (mentions of Kawai and Yara)
Rating: PG-13 for Koichi's hips.
Wordcount: 672
Notes: Random crack written for the drabble meme

Kitayama had had the strangest dream. Something about pizza and backbreaking and ‘Get him by the legs, Tottsu’. He woke to a finger prodding his shoulder. This was not, in itself, unusual. Kitayama took his sweet time about stretching out on the dressing room couch and, finally, cracking an eye open.

Intriguingly, the person prodding him was neither a kouhai whose resolve lasted up until the moment Kitayama woke up nor Taisuke ready to shove a bottle of water in his face and haul him back to rehearsal. On the plus side, Kitayama reasoned, Koichi being here meant he probably wasn’t needed in rehearsal right this instant. On the other hand, he wondered how the company prince felt about kouhai kipping in his dressing room. (This had to be Koichi’s dressing room. Kis-My-Ft2’s didn’t generally smell so clean, much to Yokoo’s dismay).

“Hello,” Koichi said on seeing Kitayama wake up, “Minamiyama, isn’t it?”

His voice sounded more puzzled than anything else. Kitayama decided to go for a swift, damage-minimising exit. For one, that would give him time to choke down some of his embarrassment by thumping whoever had dumped him in here.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, that’s me.”

He sat up quickly, shaking hair out of his eyes. He probably had impressions from the arm of Koichi’s couch on his face. Oh well, no point worrying about vanity now. He opened his mouth to excuse himself and run at the same moment Koichi spoke.

“Did I ask you here about the ’Get It On’ number?”

“… Yes.” Kitayama swallowed what he’d been about to say and silently prayed to the god of bullshitters.

“The choreography needs to be changed. Like, there’s that part ‘Get it on, take it /
almost painfully, I just want to feel it now’.”

Koichi sang and danced the line, ending in a perfect bodyroll. Kitayama thought how Koichi really was good - his bodyroll seemed sort of aimed.

He dragged his eyes back up when he realised his sempai was saying something to him.

“-doesn’t convey the message behind the lyrics. I mean, doesn’t it seem like the song is just about sex?”

Kitayama blinked a few times as his brain gradually cranked into life.

“The song isn’t just about sex,” he remarked intelligently. This was new information for him.

“Exactly,” Koichi agreed, “And for the ‘Hey, take it easy! You're obedient enough as it is / I don't have patience and it's really throbbing’ part as well. The dancers behind me need to…”

Kitayama knew the moves, of course. However, it was different watching Koichi glide like that - glide up close like that - as opposed to seeing himself and his group in the dance hall mirrors. Koichi’s hips were really very… twisty.

“-distracts from the inner meaning.”

Kitayama dragged his gaze up again.

“Yes. Definitely distracting.”

It was at that moment, before Koichi could start detailing his new ideas to Kitayama (or whoever he though Minamiyama was) and certainly before Kitayama had composed himself back to ‘Interested Kouhai, not-staring-at-anyone’s-crotch’, that Yara poked his head around the door. The leprechaun did what was probably his version of an Innocent Smile.

“Oh, Kitayama. Kawai suggested you might be here. You’re needed on stage.”

“Ah!” Kitayama exclaimed, utterly unsurprised to hear Kawai was involved in him ending up here, “I have to go then. Excuse me.” He swung himself up, bowing his way out of the room. Yara threw an arm around his shoulders as they hurried to the stage. Kitayama growled in response.


When the two had gone (and that Minamiyama had seemed in a real hurry to get back to work - which was nice to see), Koichi flung himself down on the couch. He crossed his arms behind his head, staring at nothing but the dust dancing in the air. Something was strange and he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

“….Kitayama?” The name floated into his consciousness. He shook his head to dismiss it. Must be Yaracchi trying to mess with him.

((Lyrics from here))
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