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Title: A different Life - chapter 1
Pairing: Hirosuke Hiropi (either way, it's Taisuke x kitayama)
Genre: Fluff (G)
A/N: I usually write speeches and essays. I like writing. But aparently, I've never tried writing stories before. So yeah. This is my official firct FanFic. EVER. Hopefully, I did a somewhat acceptable job. 

Anyway, comments are loved of course! 

Fujigaya. A very prominent family name.  


Taisuke was born as the only male child of a powerful, rich and glamorous family. His father is the owner of the biggest oil company in south East Asia; His mother on the other hand is the heir apparent of a high ranking government official. Together, his parents are regarded to as the royal couple even though they themselves are not relatives of the imperial family.


Taisuke’s childhood was full of fun memories. His room was elaborate, his toys were expensive, and his house stood in the middle of its own island near Tokyo.


As long as Taisuke is concerned, he’s living the perfect life.


Hiromitsu’s life on the other hand couldn’t be any more different. Unlike the Fujigaya’s, his life was simple. It gets extremely hard at times, but simple none the less.


Kitayama Hiromitsu’s parents are farmers. He left his house and his family to try and make a better life for all of them by going to Tokyo city with his cousin Tamamori Yuta.

Now, after almost 2 years of hard work, he’s still living a life far away from the fairy tale that was the Fujigaya’s.




“Kitayama-kun, why aren’t you home yet? It’s already very dark outside!”


It’s Mikata Matsumoto. She was the first person who noticed and talked to Hiromitsu the first day he was accepted at SeaEnergy Oil Company.


“Ah Mikata-chan! I can’t really go yet. I still have a lot to clean before I can go home. Otherwise, manager-kun might get angry with me when he goes into his office tomorrow and find that it hasn’t been cleaned properly”


“Ah kitayama-kun. You’re working yourself too hard you know. You might get sick”


“It’s ok Mikata-chan. I’m used to it by now.”


“Well, ok then kitayama-kun. If you say so.  Be safe going home! I’ll be going now! See you tomorrow!”


“See you tomorrow mikata-chan!”


Hiro smiled to himself as he resumed cleaning the floors as part of his evening duties. He always liked Mikata-chan. Always humble, always smiling, always caring. Nobody else in the company treated him the way Mikata treated him. Most people in the company ignore him, seeing him only as a janitor, and nothing more.


Life is hard for Hiro. He works full days cleaning and running errands. But even though pay is small and the work is hard, he never complains. Partly because SeaEnergy was the only company who even took notice of him because at the time he was looking for a job, some janitors retired. So, all of their work was then placed on Hiro; and also partly because he can’t afford to not have money these days.


Even though his salary is small, it was still enough to pay the rent he and his cousin had to pay monthly, to let him buy some cup noodles (the only food he can afford), and most importantly, to send his parents some cash which is vital because his mother has grown ill, and his father needs the money he sends to buy medicine.


It was about 11:30 by the time Hiro finished all the floors he had to clean. And as he went out the back door of the building, the day’s work caught up with him.  


Fatigue filled his body, and hunger made his stomach grumble. He walked to the nearest vending machine, which happened to be next to a bar, took out his wallet, and tried to find some money.


Ah. Just enough for a small cup of noodles.


He was hungry no doubt, but as much as he wanted to buy more food, he just can’t afford any. So, a small cup of noodles will have to do.


Hot and steamy! Mmmm . . . .  He thought to himself as he got ready to have a taste of his warm noodles.


But as he was about to eat, a group of young guys walked out of the bar. 3 of them to be exact, and all of them seemed to be drunk as hell.


“Well, looky here guys. A cute young woman waiting for us!” one of the guys said, barely able to stand properly. The others snickered as the tall, thin, lanky male went up to Hiro.


Kitayama on the other hand looked behind him expecting a girl standing not too far away. The guy DID say woman. But to his surprise, there was no such woman at all. When Hiro looked back at the drunken guys, one of them was already directly in front of him, the scent of alcohol exuberating from his body.


“Hi Miss! I’m Kawai Fumito. You know, from the Fumito family. My father is the owner of the Fumito Technology Company. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.”


Now, Kitayama knew he looks considerably presentable. And he has been told he’s cute. But no one has ever mistaken him for a girl. But, knowing that the guy is drunk, he let it go.


“Yeah I’ve heard of it. And its Mr. I’m a guy; not a girl”


The young adult simply looked at his friends directly behind him who were equally as drunk as he is, smiled, and then looked back at Hiromitsu.


“I’m very rich you know. If you’ll just come with me and keep me company tonight I can make it worth your while, MISS”


“Well, as inviting as that may be, Fumito-san” his voice full of sarcasm “No. As I said, I’m not a girl. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and eat now. Bye!”


But before he could go far, he was tugged back. He was pulled so hard that his cup of noodles flew into the air and landed flat on the concrete, all its contents wasted and dirty.


Now, he doesn’t mind when people say he looks girlish (which is what his cousin does), nor does he mind when someone ACTUALLY calls him a girl, but food is food. And from where he came from, food was a luxury AND a necessity.


As he watched his dinner get wasted, his blood boiled, his face turned red, and his hands turned into fists.


He was getting ready to fight. Getting ready to beat up some rich piece of butt. He was convinced that this guy needed someone to make him realize that food is NOT to be wasted. It was small, yes, but it was his dinner. Now, he’ll have to sleep with an empty stomach. That pissed him off.


But as soon as he turned around, the group of males was already gone, and the guy he was about to attack was already being dragged by a young man into a limousine. Bulletproof no doubt.


The guy, this time a bit chubby and not as tall as kawai, was about to get inside the car when Hiro heard a very familiar sound.


His stomach grumbled again reminding him that he hasn’t eaten anything yet that evening. So he ran towards the male. But as he was about to reach out and tap the guy on the shoulder, his left foot got tangled with his right foot, and he fell.


Hiro instinctively closed his eyes readying himself to feel the hardness of the side walk. But instead, he felt gentle hands (which were surprisingly soft) wrap around his arms stopping him from completely kissing the hard pavement beneath him.


He opened his eyes to see who his savior was. The first thing he saw were soft looking, ruby red lips stretched out to form a bright smile exposing perfectly lined, white teeth. He looked up slowly only to see plush round cheeks; and as he looked up even more, his eyes were met with another pair almost closed from such a full smile.


“Hi . . . “

Additional A/N: I'm actually having conflicts about Taisuke's character. I don't know how he should be. So, if you people who are reading this (if there are any at all, otherwise, this A/N will just be useless) have any suggestions as to how his character should be portrayed, please feel free to tell me. That may be exactly how I'll write him. 

If people like the story, I'll be doing a chapter every week. Its a long time, I know. But I'm still trying to get used to the idea of story writing. So I'll be taking my time with the next chapters.

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