Luma (luma_chan) wrote in kis_my_ft2,

[MOD] Profile page BANNER contest

As mentioned in the earlier post, let's have a banner contest to find a banner for the profile page! Everyone is free to join, and you can contribute as many banners as you want for the contest.

Banner details:

- Banner width has to be 600 pixels which is the width of the text on the info page.

- Banner height 200~400 pixels, you can choose yourself between that to fit the pictures you want to use in your banners.

- Banner must have all the Kisumai members in it.

The deadline for the banner contest is OCTOBER 3RD. Please contribute your banners for the contest in comments to this post.

After the last day of the contest, I will combine all the banners into one post (on October 4rd) and have a poll where all the members can then post which banner should be put on the profile page.

Have fun with making the banners~~
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