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Title: Hiro's mangoes
Genre: (suppposed) fluff 
Rating: G 
Pairing: Hirosuke
A/N: Second time writing. don't know what I wrote. don't know how it is. But please feel free to say any comments you have :)

Taipi never liked mangoes before. He used to hate the way it tastes. To him, it’s too sweet. And even though he likes sweets, he still can’t seem to like mangoes.


Hiro, on the other hand liked mangoes. He likes them very much. So one sunny day, Hiro brought some during practice.


It was bright yellow, sweet smelling, and ripe to perfection. He wanted to share with all of kisumai’s members, so he bought 5.


There it was five ripe, delicious mangoes ready to be cut and eaten.


Everybody liked the mangoes Hiro brought. It was delicious after all.


Everybody said so.


Even Tamamori who’s usually shy and reserved got a jolt of energy from eating the mangoes.


But not Taipi. He just sat on a stool in a corner and listened to some music on his cd player, and no matter how much everyone said how delicious the mangoes were, he just doesn’t want any.


Everybody offered him a taste.


Miyata, Nikaido, Tamamori, Yokoo, and Senga.


But nope, He just wasn’t interested.


So Hiro, without saying a word, stood up and walked towards Taipi. Upon reaching the area where Taipi sat, he knelt down, looked at Taisuke directly in the eye, and kissed him much to the surprise of everybody.  


The kiss was gentle, almost innocent. It was awkward sure, but enticing none the less.


As Taipi felt Hiro’s tongue brushing against his lower lip, he voluntarily opened his mouth granting Hiro entrance.


Their tongues danced with each other moving sensually to their heartbeats.


And as they enjoyed the taste and sensation of one another, the world around them vanished, and for a few fleeting minutes, they had the world for themselves.


As fast as everything happened, Hiro pulled his tongue out of Taipi’s mouth leaving Taisuke wanting for more.


And as Taipi watched Hiro go back to the rest of the group, he can’t help but smile to himself and think . . .


“Mangoes aren’t that bad after all”

A/N: OK. First, thank you for all those who commented on "A different life" Unfortunately, i have reached a writer's block. I don't know why. I don't know how long the block will last, but I'll try my best to continue a fast as I could even though I don't feel confident about how I wrote it. 

I'm not sure if this one is even better,but I wanted to post something.  

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