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Kis-My-Ft2 - Wink Up July 2005 and November 2007

Excuse the spam. I didn't want to mix the translations with the goods post. ^^;;

Two translations to celebrate the beginning of KisuMai's tour! One about concerts, while the other is after becoming KisuMai2, the seven of them, talking about DB'07. I didn't want to just post one since the tour is with the 7 of them, but they didn't talk about concerts in that specific article...X3;

Translation (before becoming KisuMai2). Hiro getting left out of an onzen trip. Yokoo who said to his dad "I love you, papa" and gave him a hug. Taisuke who became a member of NewS. Iida who will be singing reggae as part of their concert's solo corner, and possibly Iida's mom being the dancer. Shige, the reserved one in the four's opinion. The four who admire MA, and feels nervous as a result. Just a really fun talk~

( Fujigaya! The case of pinspot light )

Translation. The seven of them talk about Dream Boys 2007. Miyata who's losing against Gotou. Senga who keeps on making mistakes despite saying he won't make any anymore, and therefore might need to start looking for a part-time job. Tama who stops calling things unagi-san, sakana-san etc. Nika being moody, while of course, Hiro is sleepy all the time. Yokoo and Tottsu joins Koki's Boot Camp, and Taisuke says he'll join as well. If they all join, they'll all be muscular by next month's issue!? (Well, considering this is an old issue, we can tell that didn't completely happen exactly, haha)

( During the show, I do a lot of things like dance showdown with Gotou-kun )
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