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[Translation] Duet 2009.03 - Jr Love Confessions

I was planning on only translating the Mis Snow Man parts of the Jr. Love confessions segment in March Duet, but since I don't remember anyone translating them before (and I made the mistake of reading Yokoo's and getting on full flailing mode XD;) so I translated them also! X3 As espected, these boys are way too sweet~~

Duet 2009.03

Jr.Bang DX Special

Johnny’s in love!?
Collection of bashful confessions 2009

Even though the Johnny’s Jr. are feeling shy, they are confessing seriously! The popular plan… We do it in 2009 also☆ 55 juniors considered this with 100% seriousness, it’s the best collection of confessions♪ The boys’ dreams also, they’re surprisingly sweet~!?

This way.
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