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Kis-My-Ft2 - Potato April 2008

Translation. Each member talk about loneliness separately. When they feel lonely, lonely memories, how they get rid of loneliness, who hates to be lonely in the group and recent news. Hiro watching Christmas illuminations alone, Wataru cleaning his room to not feel lonely, chibi!Taisuke sitting on the doorway waiting for family, Miyata who's just weird, Tama who thinks sleep is good, Nika who refuses to acknowledge he hates to be alone (in fact, he likes it), but it's just the ghosts!, and Senga who hates wasting his day-offs.

( When I was in kindergarten, my family told me "We'd be back in 15 minutes" and went out, but after 30 minutes, they still weren't back yet. I got really lonely and for the whole time, I sat at the doorway and waited for them (laughs). )

Also, for those interested, I've updated my Oita shows post with a much more detailed MC part. Still not a transcript or anything, but definitely more details on both shows. Check them out here.
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