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Kis-My-Ftに逢える de Show in 仙台 (10月)

One good news, and one bad news.

First of all...due to sickness, Senga was not part of the 18:00 show on the 9th. Yes. It was a 6-people KisuMai concert, without their S. Hiro had to sing 'S Senga' line in Kis-My-Calling. There's no details about his specific sickness, just that he was sick enough that he couldn't perform. There's no information about the two shows on the 10th yet because who knows, Senga might suddenly recover, so they can't say for certain Senga won't be around. Plus, it's their own concerts too...

Anyways, I hope Senga feels better soon. >< A 6-people KisuMai on stage is lonely. Like how when Taisuke was busy for Byakkotai or when Hiro was away with KITY.

Next, the good news!

Tune into Music Station next week! Because guess what?


Taisuke has announced this himself during the concert! It seems like they'll be performing Tension! (yes lajshfa we don't have to wait for Shokura to hear this!)

MS' official page haven't been updated yet unfortunately, but of course, we believe in Taisuke, yes?

If Senga isn't well by the two shows in Sendai, I hope he recovers and have 7-people KisuMai appear on MS!
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