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Kis-My-Ftに逢える de Show in 仙台 (10月)

It's still not complete, but here are some highlights from Sendai cons. For all three shows, Senga was away.

( Taisuke and Nika-mama being mailing friends, Hiro wearing loose socks, MiyaTama being noisy in their room, etc... )

Also, for those who loves spending money, or those who wants to cry over their wallets, on 10/11 (one year after EbiKius's first con's first show by the way), Johnny's Shop has released new shop photos.

There's a total of 172 photos released for KisuMai. They're all live photos, and there's about 23 solo for each member, the rest are mixed. 20-25 solo photos for each member with 16 mixed/group ones.

Have fun spending money?
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