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[fic] Senkaido PG-13; Senga's diary, chapter 3

Here is the next chapter, sorry it took a little while, and it's not very long, but the next chapter will be better I hope ^_^;;; Please comment if you liked it ^_^ Constructive criticism is also welcome. Okay, here we go ^_^

Title: Senga's diary
Rating: PG-13 at the most (as an overall thing)
Pairing: Senkaido
Fandom: JE. Kis-my-ft2
Disclaimer: You know, I tried to buy them on ebay, but it didn't work... they weren't there, so unfortunately I have to say it again THEY AREN'T MINE... This is really the depressing part to write... Obviously it's sadistic people who insist on disclaimers...
Summary: Senga writes in his diary again You'd never have guessed would you? ...I still fail at summaries.

Banner by kirei_kisetsu ^_^

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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